I tried to make that clear to the judge...

From the heart of a child...

Dear Abba, dear Imma,
How are you doing? I am going o.k.

In this foster home the teachers are very nice. The other children in this home are very friendly and also pretty decent. I get along well with them. I miss you very much. It is so terrible to live without parents. I miss above all community life and all the people. I can now understand what it means to live in the world and how bad that is. The teachers were very surprised how obedient we are. They realized we were well-educated. I know that I have the best parents and I have also tried to make that clear to the Judge. I also miss Samir and Zipporah very much, they were always a good example for me and I want to follow their example. I get this total urge to work and am very happy if I can play soccer at times.

I love you very much,
your son Helez

P.S. Thank you for the many letters and mandolin; they have greatly encouraged me.

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